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Promoting Food Sustainability: A Kiwi Perspective on Nourishing the Planet

Land Fill Division

We have a strong commitment to reducing landfill contributions. 

The Five “R’s” are the basis of our waste management systems: ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, & Recycle‘. To achieve this, we buy products that have minimal packaging or packaging that can be recycled or diverted to second usage initiatives. 

At events we have the rubbish collection area manned to ensure correct disposal of all waste.  As a base line we use the UN sustainable development goals that applies to our industry.  We also purchase goods that have a small carbon footprint by buying local where we can. 



All of our kitchens use recycling bins to minimise waste. 

We have a strong commitment to minimise the use of plastics, and the use compostable packaging is standard. 

We continue to refine and evolve our sustainable policies to protect the planet and environment as best we can.