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Revolutionising New Zealand’s School Lunch Experience: Nourishing Minds, One Meal at a Time

KDJ Catering offers nutritious school lunches to five local schools, serving 2,500 children daily.

Since 2022, our organisation has established a partnership with Spotswood College and Devon Intermediate in New Plymouth, as well as Stratford Primary. We have implemented a systematic approach to menu planning, creating a fresh menu each term that follows a 2-week cycle of dishes. 

This allows us to effectively incorporate seasonal produce and readily adapt to the preferences of the students. To ensure variety and choice, students are presented with two dish options daily, along with a vegetarian alternative. 

The selection of dishes is determined based on our expertise and through consultation with the school. Additionally, we accommodate specific dietary requirements that may not be addressed by the general meals. 

We prioritise providing a hot meal option every day, particularly during winter when the majority of choices are warm dishes. 

Notably, the implementation of our service at Spotswood College has not necessitated significant infrastructure changes, making it a viable model that could be replicated across numerous schools in the region. 

The reception of our food by the students has been overwhelmingly positive, and we take pride in consistently achieving minimal wastage levels, with some days recording no wastage at all.

Our overarching goal is centered around providing children with meals that not only satisfy their taste buds but also contribute to their overall well-being and development. We firmly believe that nourishing food plays a crucial role in empowering children to excel academically, engage in physical activities, and grow both physically and mentally. 

To accomplish this, we emphasise the use of a wide variety of freshly cooked dishes, carefully designed to introduce children to diverse ingredients and culinary styles. By exposing them to different flavors, textures, and cultural influences, we aim to broaden their culinary horizons and encourage a sense of curiosity and openness towards trying new foods. 

We recognise that establishing a positive relationship with food at a young age can have long-lasting effects on children’s eating habits and health outcomes. Therefore, we prioritise the inclusion of wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients in our meals, while also ensuring that the flavors and presentations are appealing to young palates. 

By offering children a balanced and enticing menu, we aim to instill in them a genuine appreciation for nutritious food and the benefits it brings to their physical and cognitive development. 

Our hope is that this positive food experience will extend beyond their time in school, laying a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating choices and fostering a positive attitude towards food.

School lunches - Term2 - Week 1

School lunches - Term2 - Week 2

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